Making content more valuable

Win-win! Control what’s yours

stackly’s user portal allows speakers and Events to upload, re-upload, share, and view analytics for their slides. No more emailing revisions back and forth or getting approval to share slides.



STACKLY allows speakers to retain control of their content while sharing distribution and leads with an event. Any changes made by a speaker will automatically update wherever the slides are shared without having to change the embed code.

Share leads

Whether the slides are shared on social media by an attendee, on the speaker’s website, or on the event website, all leads are distributed based on who created the content and who hosted the event. Any email address collected from a gate on the speaker’s slides will be shared with that speaker.


Copyright issue?

STACKLY has a registered agent on standby to receive notifications of claimed copyright infringements (DMCA). Our team will work directly with the user who is accused of violating copyright to correct the issue or take down the content.



Speakers can access Analytics for their slides only. If they’re already using Google Tag Manager or a GA script, STACKLY will automatically publish events to both the event and the speaker’s accounts.



You can download all slides as a PDF, PPT or PNG. No more fumbling around with different versions of PowerPoint, Keynote or special fonts.