Share your content - everywhere

WITH STACKLY, YOUR content can be embedded on your site, sent in an email, or shared on social media. All analytics and conversions will be centralized.

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Generate more awareness

Once you have uploaded your content into a Stack, you’re ready to embed and share! Simply choose your embed code type, and we’ll generate your code.

With an easy copy + paste, you can add the stack of content straight onto your site, share it on social media, or send it in an email — voila!

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Lighten your load time

Stackly’s standard embeds load asynchronously. That means when your page is loading, the content — and all of your contents’ SEO metadata — loads quietly in the background, without slowing down your site.


Enjoy automatic search engine optimization

All of our embeds automatically inject metadata via JSON+LD onto your website, optimizing your content for search. As an added bonus, if you ever update the content, the data will also automatically update — meaning no manual work for you.