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Stackly’s distribution, analytics, and conversion tools make growing your business with content easier.

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Get More Out Of Your Premium Content

Without Stackly

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Friction for your buyer: Dead end content experiences, overwhelming gates, and impossible-to-find content.

Bad buying signals for you: Download counts and page views that don't tell you which prospects are ready to purchase.

With Stackly

On-demand content for your buyers: Enable your buyers to preview your content before asking them to convert.

Clear buying signals for you: Easily identify which prospects are ready to purchase based on engagement.

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Fully customizable player

Change the player's color, add a call to action, and more


Easy embedding and sharing

Put the content player on your site, send it in an email, or share it on social media


Lead generation

Collect valuable information from viewers, right from within your content


Advanced Content analytics

Track how your viewers interact with your content to improve lead scoring

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Marketing integrations

Connect with tools you use: Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot and dozens more


Unlimited users

Invite who you want, set permissions, or use passwords