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The endless cycle of reactive issue resolution Nothing can frustrate a customer or end user more than poor technical support in their time of critical need, so the service desk becomes a critical touch point that can seriously enhance or destroy customer and end user perceptions. Unfortunately, many of the current service desks have remained singularly focused on reactive incident and problem management response models where end users report incidents and analysts manage down the queues. This recurring cycle with only temporary reductions in queues may mask gaps in true user problem resolutions and ultimately end user satisfaction with services provided. Many corporate IT organizations are now faced with the pressures of ‘consumerization of service’. Customers and end users have heightened expectations for technical services. They want and expect technical support anytime, anywhere and on any device. They want services through preferred channels that empower them. This includes self-service portals, content and knowledge bases, and social interactions through collaborative communities for shared insights and knowledge. ‘Next Generation’ service desks must address consumerization of service but also the adoption of evolving capabilities including advanced security practices, cloud computing, analytics and much more. For the IT Service Desk to truly succeed, proactive problem management is needed to directly identify the scale of problems and allow action before customers and end users are affected. Sutherland is uniquely positioned to support these requirements.

Realizing a vision for next generation service desks Sutherland’s IT Service Desk offerings aid organizations in realizing their vision for a world-class, next-generation service desk. These services offer a unique integration

of process and technology expertise to transform service desk operations: •

Adopt service desk operational models to reduce queues. These approaches reduce potential incident calls by proactively informing, preventing, or resolving user issues

Leverage automation to eliminate redundancy, reduce repetitive processes and time spent on routine tasks and to achieve repeatable and consistent outcomes

Develop Level 0 support that empower users through end-user forums, knowledge bases and meaningful manuals and content

Improve troubleshooting processes with an end-user perspective that optimizes their experience

At the heart of Sutherland’s IT Service Desk services is an advanced issue resolution approach.

A proactive approach to reducing incidents and events At the heart of Sutherland’s IT Service Desk services is an advanced issue resolution approach. Sutherland’s Zero Incident Framework (ZIF) provides interconnected tools that detect and mitigate incidents even before they occur. ZIF consists of instrumentation for real-time performance monitoring, predictive analytics, virtual desktop as a service and IT operations automation.


ZIF helps to transform services desk operations by: •

Reducing or eliminating the number of critical incidents and issues

Enabling continuous service improvement and productivity

Providing unified information in a Web-based dashboard for effective and efficient insights

Reducing SLA breaches

Automation improves services delivery with the same or fewer resources Sutherland helps organizations to identify opportunities and deploy automation solutions to alleviate problems that are impacting the service desk. Sutherland and service desk teams work to design workflows, address critical integrations and ensure successful execution. Once executed, they measure outcomes against goals, and then refine and Improve as required.
Automation helps organizations: •

Eliminate redundant activities and reduce time spent on routine tasks, thereby giving time back to end users and analysts

Achieve repeatable and consistent outcomes and decision-making.

Eliminate downtime and improve service quality

Lower maintenance costs with event tracking automation that anticipates when machines or systems need maintenance or replacement

Gain end-to-end visibility to service level performance

business and proprietary software, ID administration, work related incidents and remote access issues. These services support desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Sutherland’s Enterprise Help Desk services are global, providing support in 35 languages, utilizing 70 offices across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Sutherland’s Lean Six Sigma process improvement approaches ensure consistent support across global locations.

Gain end-to-end visibility to service level performance.

There are a wide range of delivery options to meet global support requirements based on budget, business demands and service level requirements. Sutherland also offers a-la-carte solutions, customized to specific requirements. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure target performance metrics for incident resolution. Sutherland’s Service Desk services follow ITIL best practices to incorporate request, problem, configuration and change management processes that drive higher levels of IT services management performance while reducing costs.

Global support customized to meet your requirements Sutherland provides a single point of contact (SPOC) service desk for all IT related incidents. This includes but is not limited to troubleshooting and support for hardware, off-the-shelf software,


Dramatic issue resolution improvements Sutherland’s solution teams understand that every minute of downtime impacts business productivity. Each step in our service desk processes are custom designed to address end-user issues quickly, applying resolutions to prevent incidents from occurring again. Our clients have experienced dramatic resolution process improvements. One retail client experienced: •

98% performance on SLAs

50% increase in productivity

Over 40% reduction in labor costs with increased call volumes handled by the same set of FTEs

Sutherland combines design thinking, domain, and end-to-end business process expertise, along with a distinctive set of digital capabilities and technology solutions to help your organization deliver gratifying customer experiences and produce optimum business outcomes. Sutherland’s next generation IT Service Desk services have been developed through years of experiential learning, and are supported by the industry’s best tools and platforms.

Is your organization ready for a new model of process transformation that puts exceptional customer experiences first? For more information on how we can help you transform your process to optimize the customer experience, please visit us at www.sutherlandglobal.com, email us at sales@sutherlandglobal.com, or call 800-388-4557 ext.6123. As a process transformation company, Sutherland rethinks and rebuilds processes for the digital age by combining the speed and insight of design thinking with the scale and accuracy of data analytics. We have been helping customers across industries from financial services to healthcare, achieve greater agility through transformed and automated customer experiences for over 30 years. Headquartered in Rochester, N.Y., Sutherland employs thousands of professionals spanning 19 countries around the world. WP-1019 \ © 2018, Sutherland Global, Inc. All rights reserved.

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