Benefits of Mobile Inventory Management for Service Contractors

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Benefits of Mobile Inventory Management for Service Contractors


Grow Your Revenue and Bottom Line by Taking Back Control of Your Inventory Mobile inventory management technology can empower your service technicians and benefit your business. Read on to understand the benefits a mobile inventory solution can provide service contractors and other organizations.

Dramatically cut your inventory carrying costs. After implementing a mobile inventory management solution, most customers experience a 30% cut in their inventory carrying costs.

Grow Revenue by Completing More Jobs Per Day Utilizing a mobile inventory solution, contractors can see an increase in the number of jobs that technicians complete every day. • • •

Real-time fleet inventory enables smarter scheduling decisions. Ensure technicians have the right parts to finish the job the first time. Minimize costly technician downtime running to home improvement stores to make expensive spot buys. Retain quality technicians by providing them the ability to make more money per day.

Contractors on average can expect completion of one additional job per technician per day.

Automated Replenishment Maintain optimal inventory levels through automated replenishment workflows, minimize stock outs and shortages of material, and significantly reduce the need for physical inventory counts. • Cut ordering costs by 25%. • Base your replenishment on actual usage and sales demand, and automatically reorder what you need, when you need it. • Avoid excess purchases and consolidate purchase orders. • Visibility and accuracy eliminates technician “hoarding” and a reduction in safety stock levels. • Eliminate unplanned purchases that waste technicians’ time.

“[It is] great for keeping track of inventory and great for replenishment of material to [put] stock back on our trucks.” Hunter Heard, Manager, GoRapid Inc.

Manage Your Inventory Anywhere, Anytime Get real-time visibility of an unlimited number of stocking locations and supplier catalogs so you can optimize replenishment and inventory control processes. •

• • •

Tighter controls of issuance and tracking of all inventory transactions provide a clear audit trail from technician, job or customer. Notification capabilities alert any user of an inventory exception or transaction. Check-in check-out function tracks expensive tools and technology. Easily retool your fleet for different jobs or even seasons.

Easy-to-use mobile application enables your workforce to update inventory as they work.

Maximize Customer Service Through Improved Job Completion Rates No more worrying about inventory or your fleet needing to make timeconsuming “emergency” purchases. • Have the right parts to finish the job the first time. • Real-time fleet inventory enables smarter scheduling decisions. • Avoid costly downtime spent chasing material.

Reduce carrying costs, avoid excess purchases, minimize shrink and achieve material savings opportunities.

“It puts the ownership on the technician that is using the software. You can track and see their usage and make sure procedures are being followed to help the team save money and serve our customers better and faster.” Michael Fox, General Manager, Aux Mechanical

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MarginPoint Mobile Inventory allows you to manage your inventory in real time from consumption to requisition and replenishment. Reduce inventory and procurement costs and increase profits with a single cloud-based mobile solution that addresses the full inventory management workflow regardless of who supplied it or where it is stored. More than 500 companies currently rely on MarginPoint.