Adwords PPC Audit Checklist

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Adwords PPC Audit Checklist Here’s a quick Adwords Audit template you can reference to see what you can do better.




Keywords Are there any keywords that have never converted that you’ve run for over 6 months? Can you improve the quality score on your best keywords? Are you constantly adding negative keywords so you don’t pay for keywords you don’t want (e.g. add “dogs” as a negative for ad groups about “cats” and vice versa)? Are you continually and systematically reducing CPA and improving lead quality? Are you finding and testing new keywords constantly? Have you limited the keywords in your ad groups to small, tight-knit themes? Are you using rules (i.e. statistical rigor) in your testing or just winging it? Have you made sure you eliminated all keyword overlap? Have you made sure you are never bidding against yourself?

Landing Pages Is your landing page completely correlated with the keyword, ad, and search intent? Is your landing page mobile friendly? Are you testing variations every month? Do you have specific landing pages for a set of specific, related keywords?

Ads Have you created complete alignment between keywords, ad copy, and landing pages? Are you testing only 2 different ads in each ad group? Is the grammar and spelling for all your ads correct?



Task Did you set the ads to optimize for conversions? Google wants to optimize for clicks because they make more money but what gets the most clicks isn’t always what gets the most sales. Are you leveraging regular display? Are you testing new offers at least once a quarter?

Tracking & Testing Is Adwords integrated properly with Google Analytics? Are you running high-impact tests or testing trivial stuff like capitalization? Are you tracking all relevant conversions and calls with Google Analytics goals? Can you easily identify poor-performing keywords that should be paused? Did you triple check that conversions are firing correctly? Are you checking tracking at least once a quarter to make sure things don’t break?

Campaigns Are your campaigns so relevant and targeted that you’re getting 5-10% conversion rates? Are you monitoring spend daily so you aren’t spending too much or too little? Do you know what’s considered a good lead? Have you talked with your client to make sure? Are you allocating budget to the campaigns that matter most to your client? Do you use data to drive strategy or wait for what the client tells you? Do you connect with your client, boss, and/or sales team at least once a month to gauge lead quality and business success? Can you quantify how individual campaigns, groups, and keywords drive business? Can you drill down to dimensions like time of day or are you still at a high level only? Are you using demographic data in your analysis or treating everything the same? Are you finding and testing new ad formats at least once a quarter?

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