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Marketing Blunders

Thank You for checking out 11 Amazon Marketing Blunders. We believe that, as you read along, you will find at least one way you can immediately grow your Amazon business.

  • Logan Durant Sr. Director - Paid Search & Marketplaces

While every account will have its own nuances, we’ve found that a strategy of keyword mining, holistic use of ad types and taking advantage of all of Amazon’s tools gives us the ability to put sellers on the path to success. With years of Amazon-specific marketing experience, EXCLUSIVE offers a premium, holistic strategy to help bring Amazon sellers to the next level.

On average, merchants grew Amazon revenue 119% by fixing the blunders listed in this eBook. (link) Email us at sales@exclusiveconcepts.com or CLICK HERE to get your FREE Amazon audit.

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Sponsored Products is the best and fastest way to drive sales velocity. All things equal, Amazon ranks best selling products higher in its organic search using a metric called “Sales Velocity.” This can create a “chicken or the egg” problem if you’re trying to boost sales on a new product with low visibility. Sponsored Products gives you instant visibility, which boosts sales short-term, but the long-term impact of improving organic rankings can be much greater.

Paid Reviews Are Over: The days of paid review gathering to launch a product are over, so the only way to gain instant Page One visibility is by using Sponsored Products.

Already Rank Well? For established sellers, this is not the time to rest on your laurels. You must work to maintain your dominance by owning every facet of the search results page, and push out sellers attempting to cut into your market share.

EXCLUSIVE Insight: Spending on Amazon Sponsored Products has doubled over the past year, but the market is still immature. Now is the time to get started if you haven’t already!

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Modern business intelligence software can help you identify breakthrough insights. Amazon’s default reporting is disjointed, and not easy to digest insights from. It focuses on narrow windows of time, which doesn’t represent the true performance of your account. The ability to quickly analyze your data and turn it into results will give you a competitive edge. Below is an example of an EXCLUSIVE Business Insights report, which helps us visualize the relationship between revenue, sessions and buy box page views over time

EXCLUSIVE Insight: EXCLUSIVE has created “Business Insights,” a business intelligence solution that analyzes marketing data across all channels to identify growth opportunities.

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Discover new ways to grow Amazon sales by mining data from other channels. Integrating data from sources like Google AdWords, Site Analytics, and SEO platforms like BrightEdge, into central dashboards, can speed up keyword discovery and validation. For example, an AdWords search query report filtered by terms that received 10 or more conversions will surface a list of high value keyword additions to your manual Amazon campaigns. This ensures your highest performing terms on AdWords are represented within your Amazon campaigns as well. Use proven AdWords search queries and keywords to help inform manual Sponsored Product builds.

Use BrightEdge to pull lists of keywords for use in your product copy and backend keyword fields.

Use competitor data (pricing, keywords, etc.) to inform merchandising decisions.

EXCLUSIVE Insight: High performing merchants are starting to create enterprise data warehouses to centralize and report on data from many sources. EXCLUSIVE, and its partner GrowByData, have been helping clients benefit from strategies like this.

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Connect high-performing search terms with specific products to maximize revenue. In order to run profitable ad campaigns, you need to understand what the best, most profitable search terms are for each one of your products. The only way to get this insight is to use One Product Per Ad Group (OPPA) targeting. Below is an example of how you might action the search term data OPPA campaigns can provide: The term Outdoor Grill is driving significant revenue at a low ACoS (Amazon Cost of Sales). A separate manual campaign for the product “Stainless Steel Gas Grill” should be built out with the keyword phrase Outdoor Grill as the foundation.

Meanwhile, the product “22-inch Charcoal Grill” has spent a lot on the term Outdoor Grill without a single sale. This product should be built out into a manual campaign with Outdoor Grill added as a Negative Keyword. This will eliminate the wasted ad spend this term generates with this particular product.

EXCLUSIVE Insight: Search terms are attributed at the ad group level, so OPPA is a must in order to get this visibility.

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Most people don’t understand referral traffic, but it can make or break the performance of your campaign. Your Sponsored Product ads can be shown on competitors’ product pages. This is known as “product referral traffic,” and for many sellers, accounts for more than a third of Amazon ad spend. The performance of this traffic varies widely and is often an ignored opportunity. Isolate this traffic source in your data by: Step 1 - Downloading a search term report from your Amazon account Step 2 - Filtering the customer search term column by “b0” (that’s a zero). Step 3 - Sorting by Ad Group. This technique — when combined with an OPPA campaign — structure allows you to see profitability for specific products. This technique works best with products that have competitive value propositions such as:

EXCLUSIVE Insight: Referral traffic can be identified in search query reports. The ASIN of the product that referred the traffic will be listed as a customer search term.

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The right Headline Search strategy will help you balance visibility with profitability. Headline Search Ads are a powerful ad unit in the form of a banner at the top of Amazon search results. These ads provide additional visibility over standard Sponsored Product ads. However, they require precise targeting in order to maximize performance. Set Your Goals: Your Headline display strategy will differ depending on your goals. Too often, we see that investments in these ads are misaligned with the goals merchants have for their advertising. Consider the two goals outlined below and how the proposed strategies can impact your business goals. If Your Goal is Visibility: Use phrase-match and broad-match keywords combined with medium-high bids.

If Your Goal is Net Profitability: Use a tightly knit set of keyword themes in exact-match with medium bids.

Benefit: Lots of visibility for your products on a diverse set of search terms

Benefit: Highly targeted keywords that drive healthy returns

Drawback: Can be expensive

Drawback: Could result in less overall visibility

EXCLUSIVE Insight: EXCLUSIVE has proprietary AMS reporting that fuels campaign growth and strategy.

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Negative keywords prevent you from wasting your ad dollars on irrelevant search terms Amazon’s proprietary A9 site search algorithm is far less complex than Google’s, which means Amazon is far less effective at determining what search terms are relevant to your products. Thus, you need to assert more control over how and when your products show using a tight set of negative keywords

Negative keywords can be applied at both the campaign level and ad group level. This gives you the ability to easily apply base negative keywords that make sense for every product. Applying product specific negatives an also help limit the scope of broad or phrase match terms

Below is an ad showing for the keyword “natural soap.” As you can see, the ad features a food seasoning product, which has nothing to do with soap. It’s likely being triggered by the word “natural.” If you’re the merchant running these ads, adding “soap” as a phrase-match negative keyword would be a good idea!

EXCLUSIVE Insight: Negative keywords allow for more nuanced search term targeting by adding short-tail phrases as exact-match negatives. A popular reason to do this would be to target longtail terms. Avoiding “brand name” and only targeting “brand name dress” and “cute brand name top” for example.

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Catch-All campaigns gather great data without risky spending. Do you have a large catalog but a small advertising budget? If so, the OPPA (one product per ad group) targeting method mentioned earlier will be too unwieldy and costly to provide positive returns. However, you can still get visibility through a different type of targeting. Enter: The Catch-All campaign Catch-all campaigns are designed to give all of your products a chance to show up in search results at a low bid. They serve as an inexpensive proving ground, and are easy to build: Step 1: Create an Automatic campaign with a single ad group Step 2: Add all of your products to this ad group and set a very low bid ($.05-$.10) Step 3: Use custom report templates to help identify what terms or products to build into focused campaigns with more aggressive bids

EXCLUSIVE Insight: This approach allows you to gather data slowly, but is also much less risky than throwing lots of money at unproven products. As data is collected, you can take the usual approach and pluck out the gold nuggets and create more strategic campaigns.

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Compelling product features entice customers to buy your product. Therefore, it’s vital that they’re optimized to properly maximize conversion rate. Analyze your product features (AKA bullets) critically and determine if they meet these best practices: Each Feature is a Salesperson Image each feature as a miniature salesperson for your product. They must be equal parts compelling and concise. Value Props Front and Center Is your product super comfortable? Easy to use? Durable? You should always call out one value proposition at the beginning of each feature to catch the eyes of your shoppers, and then follow that value prop with its details. Be Selective Information that doesn’t specifically spell out a value proposition, but is still useful, should be relegated to the product description. Examples include product dimensions, what’s included in the box, testimonials, etc.

EXCLUSIVE Insight: Take positive statements from your product reviews to help tailor your features/bullets. What past customers have seen as compelling reasons to buy are usually good points to emphasize for your new customers.

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Use backend keywords to gain visibility on a diverse set of terms. Amazon determines when to show your products for a given search term based on the content in your product listing and its backend keywords. Originally, you had 5,000 characters per product to fill with relevant keywords. Now, Amazon has limited this field to a mere 250 characters. If you’re even one character over this new limit, Amazon will completely ignore these keywords, which could be detrimental to your products’ visibility. To stay under the limit (and in Amazon’s good graces), only use keywords that don’t already appear within your product titles, bullets, and descriptions. Some examples of words you might target: • A list of converting terms from your Google Shopping campaigns • Synonyms not already in the description • Related lifestyle or value terms

EXCLUSIVE Insight: Running Sponsored Products for backend keywords helps build sales velocity, resulting in a higher organic ranking.

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To achieve long-term success on Amazon, you will need to dominate the search results page for the terms that drive the most revenue and visibility. These can be long-tail or short-tail, but need to represent a part of your market share that you refuse to lose. Your Own Brand: You want to own your brand name above all else, and ensure that no competitors are claiming a valuable ad spot when your brand name is searched. With branded Headline Search ads, you can display all of your branded products at once through custom landing pages. You can target your own brand’s keywords using phrase-match or (better yet) exact-match. High-Volume Phrases: This is where it gets tricky. Once you’ve launched a product that sustains a solid conversion rate, you can choose to bid aggressively on general terms that will drive large amounts of visibility for that product. For example, if you were Nike, you might be willing to invest a lot of ad dollars into the term “running shoes” via exact-match. Here are a few more tips to help secure your most important search terms: Tip 1: Use Headline Search ads to provide the most visibility on the search results page Tip 2: Use exact-match keywords to ensure that you have the greatest control over your ad spend and traffic flow Tip 3: Use product display ads on your own product pages to keep competitors out, and continually reinforce your own branded products.

EXCLUSIVE Insight: The ultimate goal is a level of ubiquity between your product and a general search term. You want to remind people every time they perform a generic search that your product is the one they should buy.

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Get your FREE Amazon audit “Six months ago Amazon was an afterthought. We had a decent assortment of products that driving some revenue, but it was mostly on autopilot. We were unsure of how to market them effectively and take them to the next level. We enlisted EXCLUSIVE to see what the channel’s true potential could be, and they came in with a holistic plan that focused on both pre and post click optimization, which not only helped us attract more shoppers, but also increased conversion rates. The results have been nothing short of amazing. When launching this program with EXCLUSIVE we expected a lift, but we never expected to quadruple sales year over year. We have been thrilled by the unbelievable growth that has transformed this afterthought into a legitimate revenue-driving channel...

With EXCLUSIVE’s holistic approach, we increased our Amazon revenue by 376%. Since we started with EXCLUSIVE, we’ve had our biggest month on Amazon ever- every month.” ~ Courtney Lear

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