Making content more valuable

Convert your viewers  -  faster

Use our conversion tools to engage your audience, drive action, and help achieve your marketing goals with content.

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Convert with your current tools

Stackly makes it easy to connect your current tools. Allow your visitors to schedule meetings with Calendly or Hubspot, register for an event with Eventbirght, or add a poll with SurveyMonkey- all within your content. It’s super simple to add any tool that offers an embed code.

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Collect info within your content

Stackly allows you to capture visitor information at any point within your content, so you can drive qualified leads to your CRM. With customizable button copy and options for how you want your forms to display, you have control over the experience.

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Encourage clicks with Annotation Links

Give your audience links to more information (like another page on your website, relevant content, or event registration forms), without interrupting their experience. Annotation Links discretely display at the top of the screen, for as long as you want them to!

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Add clear CTAs to drive action

Calls to Action (CTAs) help make the next step for your viewers a no-brainer. You can use text, images, or custom HTML as a CTA to send viewers to another relevant slide deck or page.

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Send your leads to integrated platforms

Integrate Stackly with your favorite email and marketing automation platforms like HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot. With your tools combined, it’s never been easier to score and follow up with your content-generated leads to keep ‘em engaged.