Making content more valuable

Share all slides on Your website

STACKLY Event Pages are the easiest way to drive more traffic to your website and capture more leads.


 Put your content on your site with easy embeds

It’s super simple to embed an Event Page on your site, so your visitors see more of your content and none of the competition’s.

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Event Pages are simple to create and easy to update! Simply paste the embed code on your site and any changes you or your speakers make will be automatically reflected, without having to replace the code.

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Put your slides in first place

Take control over what plays for your audience, without suggested content or advertisements from other companies.

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Customize the look to fit your brand

Add a video or image header, select a font and color scheme, and add text details to make the Event Page your own.


Create an Event Page so fast it feels like magic

Easily group and display event slides with an embed (no additional development work required).

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Keep your audience engaged

Drive website visitors to one central place to view event content, and help them spend more time with your brand.

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Drive more traffic to your site

Stackly Event Pages optimize your slides for search (with a unique page for each embedded slide with markup injected via JSON+LD and captions included on the page), which can help send more traffic to your website — rather than sites like SlideShare.