B2B Lead Generation and Marketing Automation Linkedin Group

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Topic Selection: Ask Yourself... 

What lead generation or marketing automation challenge have I recently overcome?

  • It must be narrow enough to explain in 15-minutes

  • You must be able to share a resource (not your product) that will help someone overcome a similar challenge

  • You must have a clear success story

Interview Structure

  1. Introduction

    • HOOK- What will the audience learn from this discussion?

    • OVERVIEW- Quickly explain your challenge and how you solved it

  2. Challenge

    • What made this a challenge? 

    • Who was involved? 

    • What was at risk? 

  3. Solution

    • What didn’t work? 

    • What did work? 

    • What would you recommend to someone in a similar situation? 

      • Review resource 

  4. Quick Conclusion

    • How can someone get in contact with you/ stay in touch?



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